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I have a Patreon now!

Thu Jun 14, 2018, 1:05 PM
The patreon offers lots of rewards for my CS and hopefully as I reach goal's I'll be able to provide more to the group ;v;

Here is the link ~

Looking for Coders! Paying

Mon Jun 4, 2018, 11:32 AM
I'm willing to pay someone to code the profile of Plumeria ARPG! Basically keep it the exact same way but there are a few differences I'd like. Please note me if interested. Paying up to 45 dollars, or some customs of my species ;v;/

Kittom Trading journal

Mon May 28, 2018, 1:14 PM
Last update for the Kittom trade journal ;O; I'll decide at the end of the week if I found anything that I'd be willing to trade for this little fella yvy. If you've already offered for them I am still considering, I'm just updating and reposting to add that I'm now looking at swaps as well.


G-ELN695 by manaseed


Luminah ***
Weavers **

Do not offer

Species not listed

CS and characters for sale

Sun May 20, 2018, 1:02 PM
I have a trade journal for characters I'm trying to cut down on here ~ Popular CS and HQ Design clearout!

But these characters I'd like to sell them for what I paid, or what they originally sold for (going by tos so I hope I'm not breaking any rules here). Many of them are characters that I really love and wouldn't sell otherwise but I need the funds x - x.

Snaptraps 35 USD (SOLD) 35 USD (HOLD)

PacaPillar 150 USD
G0538 by Pacadex

Bananamantis Species
Weaver -… 200 USD (Minimum is what I paid for him)
Mothbat - 50 USD (What I paid for them)

SpocKirkCoy Design 100 USD

Other Designs

Fairy -… 15 USD

Major Updates! IMPORTANT

Sun May 20, 2018, 12:33 AM
First, I want to let everyone know that I haven't forgotten the customs or owed work. They will be worked on when I can get to them in the order that I received them. The length of time it's taken to get them done is longer than I would have liked and longer than I would have taken if circumstances had been better so I greatly apologize for the long wait times. I'd like to thank everyone so much for their patience in waiting for their customs.

I recently held a gofundme which got some funds, and I did an emergency customs sale in order to try and raise money faster than I had time to make designs for sale in order to move out by a certain time frame. I didn't end up making enough in time to move before I needed to start paying rent unfortunately. It was a sort of (All or nothing) situation and since I didn't get 100% funded I couldn't go through with the planned move at the time. Though I didn't get to move, they greatly helped in paying my bills and rent in my current place so I wouldn't end up in serious trouble. It gave me time, which is extremely valuable to rework my moving plans so they'd be more manageable (Will still be extremely difficult, don't get me wrong ;A;) . So, I do appreciate the support and it has helped keep me from homelessness for a bit and gave me time to redirect my plans.

The Situation as it stands
I will be moving out on my own with no family, and no financial support outside of DA so this may still be rather difficult. Where I live currently there are no viable jobs for someone with my health conditions. I have mitral heart valve regurgitation/prolapse and high blood pressure. Aside from that I also have PTSD which makes stressful situations difficult. So, my mental health and my heart health are getting worse and I need to move to a place to better increase my chances of survival.Llama Emoji-06 (Depress) [V1] 

Note - If anyone wants more details on my health you can note me, I won't bite. I just didn't want to put like, a 10 mile long prognosis and every detail of the outcome of my health (Which is bleak) if I don't get treatment asap.

The Plan
I will be putting all owed work on hold (Unless it's an emergency, and remember that you are allowed to sell or trade your customs slots if you want. Just be sure to let others know). My goal is to save 2k in 2 weeks to move so I will be making as many designs to move in those two weeks. Then try to move ASAP, and with hopes should be able to get settled and moved within a couple weeks. THEN will be doing customs at 2 a day (Maybe more if I can manage) till they are all completed.

If you'd like to help in the next two weeks that I'll be raising money to move here's a few helpful things

salmon heart bullet Donations - This is my, I can grant charity stars and/or give items of equal value for the ARPG

salmon heart bullet Species owners - If you're a mutual, and would be willing I'd love to do guest designs to try and save up as well ;v;. I don't expect this but it would be fun and helpful at the same time x O x. And of course I'd be forever grateful if any of my friends did designs to help raise money too *Smothers my face*blushing emoji .

Anyway, thank to everyone who took the time to read everything and especially thank you to all those who made it possible for me to have time to change my moving plans and to find a place that was much cheaper and more affordable to move to with viable jobs  Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] 

Myo contest and Group Icon contest

Fri Apr 20, 2018, 5:41 PM
My group is hosting two contests, a double trouble pack. Head on over and check it out ;v;/

Double Trouble - MYO Contest + Icon Contest (Open)

Popular CS and HQ Design clearout!

Tue Mar 20, 2018, 4:43 PM
After a month of hiatus I thought to start a new journal completely. Anyone from the previous journal if you're still interested in these you can re-comment here so I know you're still interested. ;v;

Ignore the NFT and forevers, I'm looking more for characters I'll use. As much as I love these little dreamies. Any character that says NFT will simply be tentative in the (I'll be picky) sense. Also put prices next to the ones I can sell as well

Note - Will trade multiples for dream designs!

What I'm offering

- This weaver has an unofficial redesign by myself that is included
Sprite Rip: Small Sprout by a-good-boy Weaver -…
Sprite Rip: Small Sprout by a-good-boy Jumoh
Sprite Rip: Small Sprout by a-good-boy
Sprite Rip: Small Sprout by a-good-boy Sweet-n-Treat…

On Hold

Sprite Rip: Small Sprout by a-good-boy Snaptrap - (HOLD)
Sprite Rip: Small Sprout by a-good-boy Pacapillar - (HOLD)
M0331 by Pacadex
Sprite Rip: Small Sprout by a-good-boy Snaptrap - (HOLD)

What I'm seeking

Sprite Rip: Small Sprout by a-good-boy Elnin/Kittom
Sprite Rip: Small Sprout by a-good-boy Verdeer
Sprite Rip: Small Sprout by a-good-boy Grotte
Sprite Rip: Small Sprout by a-good-boy Luminah/Weavers
Sprite Rip: Small Sprout by a-good-boy Pacapillars (Premade or Myo slots)
Sprite Rip: Small Sprout by a-good-boy Dream Designs From Here
Sprite Rip: Small Sprout by a-good-boy Designs I love From Here

Not seeking

- CS not listed or in dream designs/loved designs
- One off designs
- Art

Please Comment below, or note me to offer and don't be upset if I do not pick your offer. I have a lot of lovely children here and want equal value designs that I'd use more ^^;

6 Keys to a Successful Apology

Wed Feb 7, 2018, 7:30 PM
I've been taking coping skills class for my mental health and the class also has some good topics as far as interpersonal relationship stuff. This last week's class was all about Apologies and I wanted to share these tips as they seemed to be super helpful ;O;. You guys may use or comment on them if you'd like. I didn't make these, just bummed them off my coping skills class notes so I do not take credit for inventing these but hopefully it helps others ;v;

1 - Expressing Regret

Expressing that you feel bad for what has happened and that you want to make amends.
Being sincere is key, especially if apologizing in person.

2 - Explaining what went wrong

Not the same as making excuses! If what you are saying is truth it is not an excuse.

3 - Acknowledging responsibility

Acknowledge that you are responsible for what took place

4 - Declaring Repentance

Saying that you will change

5 - Offer to repair the situation

To the best of your ability! You may not be able to fix every situation yourself, but offering help or asking if there is something you can do to help never hurts.

6 - Request forgiveness

You may not get it, but requesting forgiveness is simply to close off the issue and to allow both sides to move on.

Emergency Customs (CLOSED)

Sun Jan 21, 2018, 9:32 PM
Opening a bunch of slots for customs to try and save up more to move so I can get the services I need.

All featured comments can still be added but after that I'll take no more customs. I won't take customs anymore until I've fully moved ^^;

Before Claiming

- I will start working on these March 1st at the earliest hopefully after I've moved.
- Because these are for an emergency and I need the money right away, these will not be refundable. You may however resell your custom slot if you need your money back or cannot wait longer to someone else. Just be sure to let me know and have them fill out the form! (Ask before doing so). And please do not resell your slots before March 1st knowing I start then!
- Udpate -
Traits/rarity is Common->Very unCommon with 1 rare trait. If you do not want charity traits.

x Unpaid
tick Paid  

Skycloaks (10 slots) - 90 USD
1 - Xeshaire tick 
2 - 3vilpyro tick 
3 - WarningsofTwilight tick
4 - arrancar5489 tick 
5 - arrancar5489 tick - For Burscutum
6 - Nocitae tick 
7 - SketchyDemon tick 
8 - Whitefoxfire tick

Seacloaks (10 slots) - 90 USD
1 - arrancar5489 tick 
2 - arrancar5489 tick  - For @burscutum
3 - Gabberforth tick 
4 - CeriMond tick 

Feathercloaks (10 slots) - 45 USD
1 - Samansu tick 
2 - SketchyDemon - For Whitefoxfire tick
3 - ThystLodagi x

Coadles (10 slots) - 35 USD
1 - CARNlVORES tick
2 - CARNlVORES tick
3 - tigersylveon tick
4 - Xeshaire tick
5 - peachcollie tick
6 - cleoziep tick 
7 - MontyGluDevair tick 
8 - tigersylveon tick  
9 - asayyu tick 
10 - barujiina x 

Bonus Slot - PoltergeistNaga x 

Keepers (10 slots) - 100 USD
1 - sapphire-spider tick

Kaima ( 10 slots) - 35 USD
1 - tigersylveon tick 

Guardian Kaima ( 10 Slots) - 100 USD
1 - TJayArtwork x
2 - sapphire-spidertick


All those who buy customs from me for this fundraiser will get a special trait specifically for this set only (If you'd like)

Coadles/Keepers - Charity Coadles have see through clay and extra ribbon like features
Feathercloaks /Sea & Skycloaks - Charity Cloaks have see through feather portions, and extra ribbon like feather features
Kaima - Have special Ribbon like tails and wings on their backs.

Each custom you buy, you will also get 1 x  Charity Star by Plumeria-Compendium

Design Challenge 2018

Mon Jan 8, 2018, 5:03 PM

My admin and I are doing this Design challenge to get us all out of our comfort zones and try new things. I created the challenge to practice anatomy, coloring, and design skill. Hopefully see some improvement in different areas we don't venture to often. Though the Admin and I all have specific traits + Species of plumeria we need to stick to if anyone else would like to join they are free to do so with their own species. Or just with random adopts.

All the design challenges when complete at least in plumeria will be combined into a collage so that everyone can see the various works we've done ;v;b. Also, other groups may also implement this as well if they like and practice with their admin/designers too.

This is not a way to design Plumerian or other people's closed species. You should only use your own species, get permission or make up your own unique creatures ;O;

All designs should be off base

Linework should be set to hardlight/black or overlay (Looking for design/anatomy) more than clean linework.

Starting January 2nd

(Week 1)

Grayscale (B&W)

Medium Complexity design

(Week 2)

Only Cool colors

(Week 3)

Only Warm Colors

(Week 4)

Analogous colors only

Geometric patterns

(Week 5)

Only earthtones

Tiger theme

(Week 6)

Very Fluffy

Complimentary colors

Celtic patterns

(Week 7)

No fur

Triadic color scheme

Swirl/wave patterns

(week 8)

Split Complimentary color scheme

Cheeta theme

(week 9)


Keep it light with accents of dark

Floral theme

(Week 10)


Keep it dark with accents of light

Machine themed

(Week 11)

3 colors ONLY (no shades/tints/hues etc.) (Can use transparency only)

No gradients


Color Theory Resource -…

Plumeria ARPG Updates

Sun Nov 12, 2017, 12:39 PM
:iconplumeria-arpg: the group is now partially open. The ARPG aspects are still in the works so if you join now you may get various testing journals or testing works submitted in your inbox but we have a lot done with it so far. For now you guys may ask questions, roam around, and submit general art to the proper folders. If any of the folders do not allow you to submit please let us know. Soon we'll host a icon contest which will be announced on the group itself first ;v;b

Plumeria ARPG to-do list

These below are just to name a few of the most important ones. If these are done the ARPG should be able to start and we can test the sails a bit yvy

- Move rest of Coadle IDs over
- Add all new IDs from October/November
- Add in all new store items and Stores
- Add in mini games
- Finish the remaining touchstones
- Set up the two Drawing challenges (for owners and non-owners. At the end of the challenge you receive a myo coin)
- Fill out all the species resource journals with updated traits sheets.
- Set up Occupational paths

Items to be added
Allies Stone
Companion Stone
Kaima exclusive items
Fethercloak exclusive items
Dracokai Exclusive items
Occupational path items

On Blocking and mini rants

Thu Nov 9, 2017, 8:27 PM
So, this is a little update, plus some ranting. This isn't geared at anyone specific and hasn't really come up from anything that is recent. I'd like to apologize to anyone I have hurt and to anyone I've offended. I have cleared my block list if you'd like to discuss anything with me. If you're afraid that is fine, just know that I am more open and if what has happened was months, or especially if it was years ago I've changed a lot and my positions have changed on many topics.

On blocking - I do not block people anymore (And completely emptied my block list), because I believe that if someone changes or gets better as a person they should be able to come back. Everyone deserves chances and though I may blacklist, or graylist someone I wont BLOCK them too. That way if they do change and want to send a note to ask forgiveness, ask for an apology or apologize they are perfectly allowed to and I'll listen. I'd hope that they'd feel comfortable enough to do so, especially with how I used to be in the past but I've worked really hard to get much better than I was. Life is too short to hold grudges over things that have happened online.

Many CS creators claim publicly that they give people second chances, they constantly are writing apology journals about "Woah I'm so sorry and I've changed into a perfectly nice person please note me if I have hurt you so I can apologize", yet they still keep people blocked that they have hurt and in private still treat people equally as terribly and refuse to believe they could hurt anyone or make excuses why someone deserves the abuse/bullying by them. Excuses like "They are a CS creator" or "You hurt me first by asking a simple question" and so forth. Many of these artists still just silently block people and sweep anyone they've hurt under the rug while not changing a damn thing about how they treat others creating this illusion that they are the good guys. I am not one of these artists and I won't block people or call them out. When I say "please message me if I have hurt you and I'll listen" I don't say it lightly, I really do mean it. I truly do mean it because I want people to be happy. I'm a people pleaser, always have been and nothing is more soul crushing to me than to see people be hurt by something I've done or said and I couldn't help them. Which is why majority of the time if I do upset someone, it's usually a misunderstanding and not intentional.

On CS Rules - There is a lot of stuff going around that I feel is getting toxic here on DA. And that is the tearing down of owners for having certain rules or not having certain rules. And some CS creators policing/dictating to other CS artists how to run their species, meanwhile doing the opposite of what they tell others they can/cannot do. It's unproductive and unrealistic to expect all CS to work the same. There are pros and cons to every group and there is no way to make a perfect group that pleases everyone. Some CS creators acting like their CS group is best and they are the nicest people so they have the obligation to fix everyone else... that they are the CS police (CS superheros) and they reserve the right to be judge, jury and executioner of any CS creator who doesn't follow them in the way they run their groups.

Someone having different rules doesn't make them a crap person, but it's how they enforce those rules that matters. If they enforce it with sass, anger, cruelty, name calling and call out journals vs private messages calmly explaining rules broken and consequences... that's what matters. I honestly couldn't care less what a person's rules in a group were, since they are the ones who made the groups, as long as those rules were run with compassion and respect to the members. Groups would no longer be fun, and people really would feel left out on DA if all groups were the exact same.

Rants peeves - I do rant from time to time, once every full moon about, and I don't mind if others rant. People are allowed to do with their pages what they like. I am not the rant police, like some other people seem to be. Journals and status posts are super easy to delete and if I am not in the mood for drama, or rants I can delete them. Nothing is forcing me to read them so I don't understand why some people feel like they are getting their arms twisted behind their backs to read others > - >. But, my biggest pet peeve is when someone complains about my ranting or anyone else's, in a RANT. They rant about the fact those people rant too, not the topic of said rants, or anything specific. I'm ranting about the HYPOCRISY of the rants, not the rants themselves though... But yeah, I just really dislike those who say "I hate seeing artist rant it's gross and shows how garbage they are" but when posting it they are ranting, and then they are the same people who also post rants often like "It's so gross this artist does this" or "How can someone do that". If someone is going to rant, at least they shouldn't be a hypocrite while doing it. They should own up to the fact that they rant, and give other people the same privilege to rant as they do.

IMPORTANT User warning for Animators

Wed Nov 1, 2017, 11:15 PM
Recently, my friend :iconyanguchitzure: had a run in again with a member who harasses and begs incessantly for free animations on DA.

This user GWKTM has been harassing yangu for free work multiple times and refused to stop asking. Constantly claiming they are a non-for-profit when they seek to gain a profit with their work. They beg for animations incessantly. I confronted them to get them to stop bothering my friend yangu and they blocked me and then continued to bother her anyway. It didn't stop until Yangu blocked them. If you are in an animation community, or you are an animator please block or remove them from your groups/watches. They are very toxic people and harass many people for free stuff. They have been kicked from Furaffinity because they pushed their luck too far and decided to come to DA because they thought people here had low enough self respect they would do 60 FPS animations for free (When the industry standard is 24 FPS) and follow deadlines and be on call like paid artists. They have ZERO respect for animators or anyone they ask for free work. And blocking is the only way to protect anyone from their begging and harassment.

This was their last message to yangu, she can also provide the note they sent and other comments if asked.…
They have asked SO MANY people they don't even remember who they have asked before. When I talked to them they actually accused me of being jealous that they were asking yangu for free stuff a lot and not asking me. As if it was a privilege to be harassed for free stuff on a monthly basis.

Rumors =/= Truth

Mon Sep 4, 2017, 6:56 PM
We all know they are bad. And we all hate rumors being spread about us... so, stop them before they start. If someone tells you something about someone without proof, stop it right there. Refuse to continue on this telephone game of rumors and speculation because the only good a rumor does is cause drama, pain and suffering. I have been seeing lots of rumors of me flying around, and lots of people sending notes or comments accusing me of things. Drama is not fun, and it has been one of the reason's I've been using notes only for work now. I have been accused of attacking people for not accepting my trade offers, for attacking people and calling them names in DTAs I never heard of before, that I attacked people who were asking for advice and so forth. I have been accused of bullying people in note telling them to leave DA when I have never told anyone to leave DA ever. And all this stress on top of what I already have to deal with is eating me up. Not only does it stress me out, but it stresses out my friends and admin who see the notes I share to them and the comments. So it doesn't just stress me but it stresses them to see how crappy these rumors are too.

I just want to clear up that I never want anyone to leave DA nor have I told anyone to leave. I have never attacked someone for not accepting my offers. If I do not get accepted I literally type "That's okay, Thank you for the opportunity ;v;", when I enter contests I never call people names or insult their work. If I comment under another entrant it's usually something like "I really hope you place, this is so nice!" or "I'm glad you entered, your work is awesome and will definitely +Watch". When people say "Help, I don't know what to do, any advice? Please be gentile" I reply with things like "Try this resource [link], it really helped me out and it will definitely help you out. Hope everything gets better, you have lots of support from DA." and then I'm accused of Joking about their situation and laughing at them like an evil person. 

I always try to be kind and whenever I take the time to reply to someone it means I really care ;v;. If something sounds off, or someone is saying something ask me if it's legit or what I meant before assuming it is fact and it's me being an evil popular artist. I was immensely bullied growing up and I would never intentionally do that to anyone else. I don't bite, and I really want to clear up misunderstandings before they turn into full blown drama. Someone recently took part in rumors about me and never once asked me in years of knowing them if they were true (Just kept the rumors to themself) and once I said one small critique or asked for advice they exploded and unloaded dozens of false accusations on me out of nowhere and told everyone about me without giving anyone my side or letting me debunk those false rumors. Anyone who knowingly partakes in rumors knowing full well they are rumors is not a good person. Especially if they lob attacks at people for them. 

If anyone purposefully partakes in rumors and actively talks behind my back knowing full well they are lying, or they are doing it on purpose to stir the pot I WILL block. I have said this before and I'll say this again. I have ZERO tolerance for bullying of any kind whatsoever. 12 years of bullying for a 25 year old is enough. I don't need anymore of this in my life.

About references for Adopts

Sat Aug 5, 2017, 11:06 AM
Hey everyone, I'm currently working on owed commissions and wrapping up the coadle freedom event. Also been working to find a house and get a new job so I'm extremely busy. But, once the coadle freedom celebration is over and I've finished the owed customs (About 2 weeks total) I'll fill my stash up and send out files to everyone for their adopts. For most people asking for their refs, I've already sent them but seems DA may be screwing with the notes I send out. All References will be sent/resent in my spare time. Emptying my to-do list is most important right now, and takes priority over refs for an adopt that is already finished and posted. I apologize for any inconvenience.

And to make it easier on me, please comment below this journal linking the adopt you need refs for so when I do send refs I have it all in one journal rather than scattered through my inbox like needles in a haystack.

Gold Commissions (OPEN)

Mon Apr 3, 2017, 12:36 PM
Taking a few physical art commissions that can be done at work since I don't get as much time to be at home to do digital art. I'm planning on asking for fewer hours at work so that I can be more active on DA again, but if anyone was wondering why I seem to be AFK or not active, that is the reason. We had 3 people quit, one person out with maternal leave, and one person transferred to another store so we are severely shorthanded at work ^^;. We have a couple people at work (Including me) doing the jobs of 5 people to make up for the lack of coverage. So I'm very stressed and tired when I get home, and it's been taking a toll on my health Bunny bored . And these gold drawings have been relieving that anxiety a bit so I'd like to take a few on.

- Note, I will not do white shading like there is above. No shading this time around.


35 USD For Bust
55 USD for Full Body
+ 10 USD for shipping outside the US

Costs can be lowered or increased based on complexity, don't be afraid to ask!

What You'll get

tick Physical Art sent to you
tick My Business Cards

How to Commission

Comment with character references and what you'd like (Bust or Fullbody) and if you are in US or not.
These are not first come first serve! I'll pick characters I think will look really good in gold art!
Slots are not determined at this point. I'll pick however many I am comfortable with, or want to do. I'll do at least 2 minimum but may do more if I like a lot of characters and want to draw them.

- Multiple complex characters

- Feral, Anthro, Human, CS characters

For best results
Busts Are ideal for very complex and/or human characters
Fullbodies are Ideal for ferals and/or simple characters
My pen can't get thinner in any way so detail is better in bust, and simple is better in full body ;v;

New Account! Plus updates

Sat Mar 4, 2017, 1:15 AM

The New Account

First, I wanted to say I'm not leaving this account, I never would ♥, I love you guys too much to do that xD. Now putting that possible worry aside I wanted to let you guys know that I've created another account to help keep my work more organized. My main account GentleLark will be used for 2D works, such as illustration, adopts, and pixel art. The new account MahoMoota will be used to post plushies, beaded characters, beadwork and my photography. All more traditional type works. I've already posted something over there if you'd like to take a look

Beaded Axolotl - Tutorial I used linked by MahoMoota

Next I'll do one of my own characters beaded to try my hand at a custom design. Once I'm comfortable with custom designs I'll possibly take one or two beaded customs over at MahoMoota. In the mean time I'm going to work on owed work over here whenever I can.


Thank you all so much for the bead purchased custom design commissions! I've gotten well over a dozen new colors already and am planning on projects for them. Most of my planning is done at work xOx. Recently they've hired a new person so hopefully I'll have more time to work on my art work in the next coming weeks. Every day off of work I've been working a little bit on each of the current owed customs (Not bead trade ones quite yet) and hope to get those done soon but owed work will be pretty slow till my work gets some more help. Also will take less custom/adopt work in after the bead trade commissions to do beadwork instead. My work is pretty bright with the lights, and then to come home to a bright laptop screen has kept my eyes blood shot for 2 weeks now since my eyes only get about 6 hours break from bright lights a day. Also causing my vision to get heck of a  lot blurrier too, possibly from the dryness I assume. I hope it isn't actually damaging my eyes ;A;. Anyway, those are the most major updates I can think of. My next day off I'll be doing owed work and some designs for sure though along with wrapping up the season of love event at Coadle-Cove.

>> Beads I am seeking <<

UPDATE - Bead offers are currently closed till I receive all currently ordered beads. Anyone who has previously sent me a note for bead bartering and I didn't select beads for you to order, definitely send me another note. I'll do a huge update on beads that I've received so far when I get another full day off ;v;. Thanks everyone for the bead offers ♥


Design Customs  (No Royals or Ancients)
Pixel art (Icons, pixel dolls etc.)
Normal art

Pretty much always open as long as there are beads I am seeking to offer for, I'll be much more lenient with the prices of these since there will be shipping and such added to it as well. I'm a bead collector and user (Make beaded earrings and native jewelry). I love having lots of options when starting a project so I enjoy having tons of varieties of colors of 11/0 seed beads ;v; (Not that I don't have like, 60 colors right now already RIP)

Anyway, just opening this and setting it out there. Please note me if you are offering to buy me any of the beads from the list and we can negotiate what I'd be willing to do in exchange. If you'd like a custom, note the custom form to me filled out from below if possible. If you have questions please ask below in the comments. If you have a budget that is also good info to know before bead quoting. Always have room for shipping costs.

Reminder - Please let me know what you'd like! So I can better choose beads by price for you to order. And it would also help if you tell me what your budget range is too ;v;

Custom Form

(Please note filled out so I can quote you a proper amount of beads)
Please leave bead payment as is in the form ♥

Name - (Username of who the custom is for)
Type of Custom - (Feathercloak, Coadle, Dracokai etc.)
Theme and/or Colors -
Patterns you like - (Waves, stars, zigzags, swirly etc.)
Traits - (Specific traits you want and the rarity)

Bead Updates

I'll try to post bead updates via Status update and tag the bead purchasers so you guys know that I got them, and that they came in good condition to review.

Experimental Drawing Comms (CLOSED)

Wed Apr 27, 2016, 2:43 AM
I want to take 3 slots for humanoid painterly Portraits. Technically not experimenting but since there are no real references of human/Portrait commissions I'd like to take a few. These will be cheaper than the Portraits will be later ♥

20 dollars per character
+5 dollars an additional character (up to 3 in the image)

Mad - Art Trade < - Example of the sort of thing I'm going for

Busts (shoulder up) will be fully rendered/colored with a flat colored background with soft lineart (Possibly no line art)

Please give me human/humanoid characters only. No feral or Anthro characters for this round.


1 - AoiDevvi - Paid
2 - sapphire-spider - Paid
3 - ....

Please comment to claim a slot with a character ref and I'll note you a form to fill out if I accept ;v;